Whether it’s your first cruise or your tenth, we want to help you set sail smoothly! Here are 10 Tips for a Successful Disney Cruise Line Embarkation Day.

Disney Cruise Line luggage tag attached & ready to go!

1: TAG YOUR BAGS 🧳 About two weeks before your cruise, you’ll receive an envelope with your Disney Cruise travel details and a set of luggage tags in the mail. BEFORE you arrive at the cruise terminal on embarkation day, attach these to any bags you want delivered to your stateroom. You’ll hand these off when you arrive in port and see them again later that evening… probably just in time to change for dinner. 

2: ARRIVE ON TIME (but be prepared to wait) ⏰ When all things go according to plan and you’ve arrived at the Cruise Terminal during your Port Arrival Time window, the check-in process goes very smoothly. If there are any delays ahead of your arrival, you may find yourself waiting in the terminal for a short while. Be sure to pack snacks and entertainment for young children, to help make the arrival process as painless as possible.

3: HAVE YOUR QR CODE READY📱Save your Port Arrival QR code to your smartphone! You’ll scan this just inside the main entrance of the cruise terminal, before heading through security. When your Boarding Group is called, you’ll either show or scan the QR code a few more times before you have OFFICIALLY boarded the ship.

4: PACK SMART and BRING A DAY BAG🩱Staterooms aren’t ready for guests until about 3:00pm, so depending on your arrival time, you may have a few hours to explore and enjoy the ship before you can access your room. Come equipped with a “day bag.” 🎒 I like to make sure to have my bathing suit, an extra battery & charger for my cell phone, and my travel tumbler for refills at the soda station handy. Consider including personal prescriptions, baby needs, or anything else you might need for the first few hours on that first day. If you are over 21 and bringing beer or wine onto the ship, you will need to carry this with you as well.*

5: GET THAT CAMERA READY! 🎥 Have your camera ready as you board the ship! It’s so fun to have video of your family’s name being announced, and of everyone’s first reaction to the Grand Hall! Favorite Disney characters can usually be found nearby welcoming you aboard. 💕 

6: SAFETY FIRST 🛟 Your party will need to find your Muster Station and watch a safety video in the Disney Cruise Line app. Knock this out first thing, so you don’t have to stop doing something FUN in order to finish it. 

7: FIND THE FOOD 😋 If you’re hungry when you come aboard, there are several wonderful places to find food – Marceline Market is a lovely buffet offering a variety of food stalls, and Mickey & Friends Festival of Foods has several yummy quick-service locations where you can find pizza, tacos, barbecue, burgers, and ice cream!

8: GET CONNECTED AND INFORMED 🌐 Once you’re connected to the ship’s WiFi, you’ll be able to start to familiarizing yourself with the Disney Cruise Line app. You will find ALL the helpful information here once connected – maps of the ship, a schedule of activities, entertainment & character greetings, menus for all of the ship’s restaurants and lounges, any plans you’ve pre-reserved, and more! Be sure to look for any activities you weren’t able to reserve before the cruise, and if you’re interested in checking out Hyperspace Lounge, snag your reservation ASAP! 🚀

9: EXPLORE KID ZONES 🎪 Be sure to explore the open houses for it’s a small world Nursery, Oceaneer’s Club and Lab, Edge, and Vibe. Today will probably be your only chance to see what the kids get up to in there during the cruise. 

10: ENJOY!! 🎭 Kick off your Disney Cruise with dinner and a show! This is truly the best way to get those “Disney feels” going. Don’t beat yourself up if you’re too exhausted from taking it all in to stay up late and see ALL THE THINGS. Get some rest, and start exploring again tomorrow! 

*Each guest over the age of 21 is allowed to bring 2 unopened bottles of wine or 6 unopened bottles of beer onto the ship in their carry on. If alcohol is found in your checked luggage, it will be held for the duration of the cruise and returned when you disembark. 

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10 Tips for a Successful Disney Cruise Line Embarkation Day

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