There are a lot of cruise lines to choose from, but Disney offers the best experience — not just for young families, but for tweens and teens, too! That might be surprising to some…as it was to my kids! 🙂

Is a Disney cruise really the best choice for teens? YES!!

Let’s face it: parents generally make the decisions on where the family vacation is going to be, and teens don’t necessarily get a big say.

My kids were excited to go on their first cruise, but less than thrilled it was with Disney Cruise Line. Don’t get me wrong — they love Walt Disney World, but thought a Disney cruise would have too many kids, and it would be all about characters.

They ended up having a GREAT TIME and didn’t meet any characters and didn’t stand in any lines, except once or twice briefly at the AquaDuck.

Sure, there were a lot of kids, but with their own spaces, they hardly had to see them.

We sailed on the Disney Dream 4-night Bahamas cruise in April 2019. My boys were 13 and the 15-year-old turned 16 on our sea day.

Here are 3 reasons teens love Disney Cruise Line. 

1 : Exclusive spaces beyond compare!

Disney Cruise Line offers the best teen lounges and clubs on the high seas. Tweens have Edge, which on the Dream is located in the funnel! And teens have Vibe.

On the Dream and Fantasy, Vibe has its own sun deck on the front of the ship with its own pool away from all the little ones. Vibe offers games and activities run by counselors and video games and a smoothie bar. Check out my Vibe post and video here.

Be sure to visit the teen clubs on the first day to register the kids and check it out. The Navigator App will list the continuous stream of activities available through Vibe. They play “get to know you” games and Heroes vs Villains and do scavenger hunts.


2 : Freedom!

Parents will feel so comfortable on a Disney Cruise with the incredible service and cast members. It allows them the ability to give teens the freedom to make their own choices on what they want to do and where they want to spend their time.

Use the Navigator app to keep in touch with your teens while allowing them some freedom. Set guidelines for meeting up, for dinner for example and a curfew, but then let them fill the space in between.

There are sports simulators, basketball court, miniature golf, movie theatre, self serve soft ice cream… Our teens basically did their own thing all day long! They had each other and didn’t really make friends, but they went off to Vibe or up to the sports deck, back to the room. A stop a Cabanas for some food. We barely saw them the entire cruise.

Bonus: This gives you lots of time to use the adult-only areas and do your own thing! 

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3 : Unlimited food choices!

If your teens are anything like mine, a lot of time is spent standing in front of the open fridge saying there is nothing to eat. Not a problem on a Disney Cruise! Between the buffet, Cabanas, quick service location on the pool deck, plus the main dining restaurants and free room service…teens will NEVER run out of food options!

Don’t underestimate their own comfort level with dining alone either. My tween went up to the buffet on his own for his second or third lunch almost daily. He’s an athlete and eats a lot. And when we scheduled an adult-only dinner at Palo, I offered room service or grab a bite on the pool deck, but our boys, a tween and teen, both wanted to go to the main dining room we were scheduled for that night on their own!

They loved our server and wanted to see him. We met them there towards the end of their meal and were greeted by our table neighbors saying what well-behaved and mature children we have. They were well taken care of by our servers, my little athlete had 3 cleaned plates in front of him, a regular occurrence, he ordered 3 meals every night. But he rarely eats dessert, much to the dismay of Hector, their favorite server. So one night after hearing nothing over and over again while the rest of us ate dessert, he brought a plate of NOTHING!


We opted for late seating (8pm) as there are fewer little kids that late and early was just too early (5:15pm). It worked out well for us. Most of the little ones in the dining rooms for that seating ate and were whisked away to the kids club quickly so we barely noticed them.

The servers were really engaging, even with teens, my boys really loved these crayon puzzles and my younger one even made Hector’s Wall of Fame for solving his hardest one!


With all the food choices, amazing teen spaces, and the comfort at allowing them some freedom, the #DisneyDifference shines bright on cruises with teenagers!

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Post by Barbara Ryan


3 Reasons to Sail Disney with Teens

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