Girls’ trip, Ladycation, Momcation … no matter what you call it, we all need to experience it. Getting away with girlfriends is the best! It is TRULY a vacation as you have to take care of no one but yourself. No meals to cook, no dishes to do, no butts or noses to wipe, no tantrums and no whining. You can do whatever you want whenever you want. It already sounds like paradise, doesn’t it?

5 Reasons to Go All-Inclusive for Your Next Girls’ Trip

There are many options for girlfriend getaways: all-inclusive resorts, cruises, ski trips, even Disney Destinations. No matter the destination, the experience is totally different when you go with your kids vs. girlfriends.

When it was time for a college reunion (of sorts), we made it a girls’ trip to an all-inclusive resort in Mexico. We had a blast! What makes an all-inclusive resort great for a group trip? Here are the top 5 reasons.

1. No splitting checks.

No matter where you go, everything is included. You don’t have to split the check, or worry about who drank wine and who didn’t—no venmo-ing each other the entire trip. Sit back and enjoy!

2. There’s something for everyone!

There are activities to occupy all interests—from Spanish lessons, to a painting class outside (complete with wine and cheese), to bracelet making, kayaking, sailing, and pool aerobics—no one will be bored.

3. There’s a Spa.

Need I say more?

4. It’s easy to please everyone’s palate.

There are SO many choices—Mexican, French, Italian, steak house, and seafood, just to name a few. You can even split up and meet at the lobby bar later if you are craving something different one night.

5. You need it!

We had a great time just catching up by the pool and hanging out on the beach. It is such a gift to get away with friends and just be Sue–not Mom, not wife, not daughter (or housekeeper, cook, or chauffeur), but just Sue.

Don’t get me wrong, I am blessed to be those things (well, except maybe housekeeper), but it rejuvenates me to get just a few days here and there when I can be on vacation from them. I am more energized to serve in all those roles when I return—and that’s a good thing for the entire family.

Group travel can be frustrating—because no one wants to be in charge. It’s a lot of work to coordinate, pick a resort, dates, dinner reservations, transportation, flights, etc. That’s where a travel agent can be so helpful!

We do the work at no extra charge, and you get a fun, relaxing trip with your friends! Depending on the size of the group and the resort you choose, you may even get a group discount or additional amenities.

Contact your favorite A Time To Treasure agent today get your ladycation in the works!

Post by Sue McLemore.

5 Reasons to take an All-Inclusive Girls’ Trip
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