Everyone has that one friend that goes to Walt Disney World all of the time. Or their neighbor who knows all of the tricks because she has been twice in the last 10 years. Or a Google search that says that Christmas is not busy at the parks. (YIKES.) 😳

Why use a travel agent?

So why would you use a travel agent that specializes in Disney destinations? I have 6 very good reasons.

For you to have a fun, happy, and enjoyable vacation for you and your family……Walt Disney World takes a LOT of planning! 

1. WDW is bigger than you think.

To start, Walt Disney World Resort is 25,000 acres / 39+ square miles / TWICE the size of Manhattan. Would you go to NYC and “wing it”? Probably not.

Walt Disney World Resort includes 4 theme parks, 2 waterparks, 1 downtown district, over 25 on-site hotels, and countless “Good Neighbor” hotels. There are buses, ferries, monorails, and a Skyliner gondola system (not to mention taxis and parking). There are well over 200 restaurants! Your A Time to Treasure Travel agent knows all about all of it.

Not only will your agent help you select a place to stay, he or she will also help you navigate that enormous space — and all that it contains! — and break it down into bite-sized, fun-filled pieces.    

2. Using a travel agent is FREE.

It costs you NOTHING to use a travel agent.

How? Disney Travel builds commission into the price of every vacation package. The price is EXACTLY THE SAME whether you book on your own online or if you book through a travel agent.

If you book through an agent, you get all their expertise, experience, and assistance included with your package.

If you decided to book on your own, you don’t. You are paying for a service that you are not using!

3. Our agents are ALWAYS learning!

Maybe you ask, “If the prices are the same, why would I use a travel agent at all? I can do it myself!”

Well, I am sure that at your work, you are always learning. You might be searching out new technology, learning new information, attending continuing education classes, reading journals, or going to conferences.  That is what a travel agent does.

We are required to attend yearly classes provided by Disney; we visit the parks; we attend the parties. We follow blogs, attend webinars, tour resorts, eat the food, ride the rides … We do all of these things to learn as much as we can so that we can plan the absolute best vacations FOR YOU.  

We are not just FANS of Disney — we are EXPERTS in Disney travel.

4. Our agents save you time and money.

Time is money, and I am sure you know that. Each time you have a question about your vacation, you don’t have to go down the time-sucking rabbit hole of the internet if you’re booked with us. You can just reach out to us for the answer! If we don’t know the answer to your question, we have the experience and knowledge of 50+ agents at A Time To Treasure Travel who will!

And have you ever had to call a general customer service line? Ugh. Then you know about hold times. (Double-UGH if you’ve had to do this during a pandemic!) When you book with a travel agent, you have one go-to person who serves as your advocate. He or she will manage those calls for you! This allows you to get on with your life while the details of your vacation get solved and settled.

If a discount comes out that is available for your WDW vacation package, you don’t even have to ask about having it applied to your account – We just do it!  We want you to have an amazing vacation and we want you to save money too! Pretty great, huh? Not every discount is always well advertised, but we know where to look.  

5. We can offer flexible payments.

Did you know that when you book your Disney vacations with us, you don’t have to pay it in full at the time of booking? You can make a deposit and then make payments as you have the money to do so! There are, of course, final payment deadlines, but we can help with different payment breakdowns that suit your needs. Minding your budget and paying over time can make visiting the theme parks just that much sweeter.

6. We work for YOU.

Some people worry that using travel agent will sacrifice control of their vacation. That’s simply not true. This is YOUR vacation! All the details and decisions are yours. We are here to help, not hijack.

If you want to be up at the right dates and times, often spending hours hands-on to secure the perfect plans, you are absolutely free to do so! But if you want to make the decisions, then outsource some of that work, having us take care of the details — that’s why we’re here! And, as stated above, we do it for no additional cost. 🙂

No one wants troubles to arise, but if 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that the unexpected can happen. When it does, we work for you then, too. We solve problems often before you even know they’re there. That’s one of our super-powers.

All this leaves you free to focus on what’s most important: making memories with your favorite people in favorite places!

If you can’t tell by now, we are passionate about Disney.  If you see us there a lot, it’s because we love this company! We work hard as your travel agents to make your vacations amazing.  We want to see you enjoy your family, make lasting memories, laugh a lot, and maybe even remember to believe in magic!  

Our team! (photo taken prior to COVID-19)

Ready to go?  Reach out to any of our amazing agents who can help make your vacation dreams come true!  

6 Reasons to Book with our Travel Agents

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