A caricature is a wonderful way to preserve memories from the trip and is a fun and unique souvenir.

There are Caricature Artists in the parks, but also at many of the resorts where you may have a little more free time available. Pricing is reasonable and it only takes about 20 minutes total. There is a book of choices and ideas, but the artist can make adjustments on the fly and will personalize your caricature however you wish. They are usually there in the evenings from 6pm-11pm, although sometimes you may find them mid-day.

Having a caricature done at the Wilderness Lodge
Having a caricature done at the Wilderness Lodge

We found our Artist outside the Mercantile at the Wilderness Lodge one evening and decided to have them done. The cost for these caricatures is currently $20 for face only black and white, $25 for face only color; $25 for face and body black and white; $35 for face and body color. That the price is PER PERSON.

caricature artist Wilderness Lodge
Sketch done, now time for the color

The child only needs to be looking at the artist during the pencil sketching. Once that’s done , and it doesn’t take long, the child can do pretty much whatever they want. So no worries if your child can’t sit still for too long.

They will give you the option of having it framed right there or you can purchase a tube to bring it home in and frame it yourself. For payment we had to take the invoice into the store and pay there. Tipping the artist cash is very much appreciated.

The artists are incredible and the result so amusing! My kids both wanted one on our last trip, themed after the sports they play. They are now both hanging in their rooms as a wonderful memory of our magical vacation.

Consider this unique souvenir on your next visit to Walt Disney World!


Caricatures ~ A Favorite Souvenir

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