One of my husband’s favorite activities at Walt Disney World is to “Drink Around the World” at EPCOT.  Truth be told, it has become one of my favorites also!

What is the Drink Around the World Challenge?

For those that don’t know, Epcot is one of the 4 major theme parks located at Walt Disney World Resort.  EPCOT stands for Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow. It is currently made of 2 areas: Future World and the World Showcase.  

The world showcase features 11 countries that surround a center lake.  When you “drink around the world”, you grab your favorite alcoholic beverage from each country!  We typically drink beer on this journey, with a change to wine in Italy, but that is just us. There are no rules other than to Drink Responsibly! And BTW…You don’t have to do this all in one day. Pace yourself and enjoy.

Add to the fun by using a Passport to check countries off as you go. We order our personalized Drink Around the World Passports and lanyards from Adventures for Funatics.

(We have also ordered and used the Monorail Drink-A-Thon passports, but that is a blog post for another day!)

Let’s do it!

Over the last 5-6 years, my husband and I have taken on this challenge at each of our visits.  We usually document these moments with a photograph.

Come along as we relive our last tour.
(Thank you to my patient husband, Mike!)

We typically start in Mexico! There are multiple drink options in the restaurants in Mexico, but as we drink beer on our journey, we chose the Dos Equis Lager located at the La Cantina de San Angel.

Move on to Norway. There is a beer stand so you don’t even have to go inside the buildings to get your beverage. Today’s choice was a Carlsberg Beer.

When we made it over to China, we grabbed a Tsingtao from the outpost.

Germany provided us with an Altenmunster Oktoberfest from the Triken beer cart. I had to talk my husband out of grabbing a bratwurst also (that is his FAVORITE thing around) because we had dinner reservations in 30 minutes! There are several other places to get a beverage in Germany, including the Bier window and The Biergarten.

We often switch to wine in Italy, but on this trip…we stuck with our beer! Mike and I drank the LA Rossa which we picked up at Via Napoli Ristorante. Be sure to catch the live entertainment here while you are! Always entertaining!

Back to the US of A (Our kids in the background playing in the water!) Because we were in Florida, we choose the Key West Southernmost Wheat beer found at the Block and Hans.

If you follow our steps on your next trip, this would be a great time to pick up a Mickey pretzel and cheese! But let’s be honest: when is the NOT a great time for a Mickey pretzel? 😉

Hey, look! I got in the photo! 🙂

The drinks are good in Japan at the Kabuki Cafe. Not only do they have a great assortment of beers, but you can also get sushi, a frozen beer called the Kirin, or hot and/or cold Sake. Today, we tried out the cold Sake and I can honestly say that I am not a fan. I look forward to trying the Kirin for my next round!

Here we are, enjoying a cold Casa beer in Morocco. This was picked up at the Spice Road Table. There you’ll find multiple alcoholic beverages —draft beers and TONS of wine options — as well as non-alcoholic options for everyone in your group. And do not forget to go explore the “country.” This pavilion is beautiful!

When we got to France, we decided to smell our way over to the Crepes des Chefs de France Cart. Um…Can you say CREPES??? 🙂 At this stand, we chose the Kronenbourg 1664 and it was so good! And I confess … I splurged on a Crepe with Chocolate! Can you blame me?

The United Kingdom is always good, especially when you visit the Rose and Crown Pub. If you need another reason to love it (besides great atmosphere and refreshments), it is air conditioned!

Here we enjoyed a Magners beer, but you can get mixed drinks, ales, lagers, stouts, pub blends, wines, sangria, or even a whiskey flight! It’s well worth a stamp on the passport.

We ended our own personal Drink Around the World tour in Canada. At this stop, we enjoyed a Labatt Blue Draft from the popcorn cart. They had several options, and — who doesn’t love some popcorn?

Thank you for joining our journey as we “Drank Around the World”! Have you done this? Is this on your “must do at Disney” list?

If you are ready to try it out, be sure to contact one of our amazing travel agents to get you started on your way!

(Drink options subject to change.) #TakeTheTrip #Epcot #DrinkAroundTheWorld
Drink Around the World at EPCOT

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