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fuel rods

We’ve all done it – left the house or office for an outing and (gasp!) forgotten to fully charge our phone or worse – we’re somewhere where they isn’t an outlet nearby to quickly “juice” the phone. I don’t know about you, but I get a little panicky when the battery meter dips into the red zone…when did I become this person?

phonememe2I recently attended a 6-day training in Orlando and packed 3 portable power banks so that I would NOT have this happen to me…no sir, I was PREPARED and fully stocked with POWER!! One issue. Those little boogers need to be plugged in themselves and fully re-charged at some point.  Not to mention the fact I was carrying a crossbody bag full of electronics – “This sure makes a security line super quick and easy”, said no savvy traveler ever!

Introducing the BEST solution to our on-the-go-depleted-battery-troubles: Fuel-Rods!

FuelRods: The Charger for Travelers

Now available at most major airports and throughout the Walt Disney World theme parks and resorts, these handy-dandy little lifesavers provide a portable charging unit capable of delivering up to 8 hours* of talk time on your smart phone or nearly 4 hours of usage on your tablet. Android or Apple… The adapters are in the kit and they are yours to keep. A one-time investment of $20 (at airports or online) or $30 (on Disney properties – yes you pay more because you are desperate!) will come with the following:


  • One fully charged portable battery
  • One 6” USB to micro-USB cable (for most Android devices)
  • One Apple 30-pin to USB cable (for iPhone and iPad generations 1-4)
  • One Apple Lightning to USB cable (for iPhone generations 5 and newer)

*Hours of charged talk time and device usage are dependent upon age and condition of your mobile device.




Recharging or Replacing Your Battery

If your portable battery runs down (indicated by a red LED light), just:

fuelrod6Recharge it using a USB cable to plug into a computer or into an AC outlet through a USB charging port.
• Swap it for a fully charged replacement at any portable phone charging system kiosk at no extra cost. Just insert your used battery, take a fresh one and you’re on your way! Swap batteries as often as you want; anywhere you want (at Walt Disney World Resort and other locations around the world).
These easy-to-use kiosks are located in numerous locations throughout each of the 4 WDW Theme Parks, Disney Springs, the two WDW water parks, ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex and in each WDW resort lobby. Trust me, you won’t have to hunt for an electrical outlet and camp out for 10 minutes while your phone charges in order to retrieve your online reservations while on vacation. Just plug that puppy up, toss it in your travel bag (or pocket, guys they are THAT small and convenient!) and go!

What’s more? The machines are idiot-proof (spoken by one of our agents claiming to be the idiot). If something happens (like putting your fuel rod in without following the directions on the screen), you  just need to call the number on the machine. (Don’t ask a cast member!) Our experience: the call was answered right away, the location given (easily found right on the machine), and they fixed everything magically. Customer service is exceptional!

QUESTIONS? Talk to one of our agents to learn more!

Fuel-Rods – a Disney Vacation (Power) Life-Saver!
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