If you’re like me, you have walked around Walt Disney World looking at amazing snacks that are everywhere!  From yummy looking marshmallows, amazing (and creative) apples, to puffed rice treats, there is no shortage of anything delicious around each corner.

On our last trip we found a store where we could design our own treats!  What?!?!? How can you say “no” to that?!?

Goofy’s Candy Co.

You can find Goofy’s Candy Co. in Disney Springs. At Goofy’s, they have a ton of delicious options ready to grab and go: Sour treats, chocolate treats, gummy treats…oh my!  

But for creating your own, here is what to do:  

Visit the register and pick up one of their checklist forms.   That form has 4 sets of choices:

  • Type of treat (caramel apple, marshmallow, gingerbread Mickey, or puffed rice Mickey)
  • Dipping flavor (milk, white, or dark chocolate)
  • Toppings (m&m’s, peanuts, coconut, crushed butterfingers, etc…)
  • Drizzle flavor (milk, white, or dark chocolate)

So many choices and so many different possibilities!

When it is complete, they call your name of the store intercom and you go back and pick up your little piece of sugary heaven.

For our special treat, my daughter made her own.  She chose a gingerbread Mickey, with the dark chocolate dipping flavor, topped with M&M’s, and drizzled with white chocolate!

This will now be something we have to do every time we visit  Disney Springs!

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Post by Jenny Matthews.


Goofy’s Candy Co
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