Over the last couple weeks, we’ve had several new and exciting opportunities release. Just this week we gained access and pricing to Walt Disney World packages for 2020, but before that Disney Cruise Line announced new and exciting itineraries for the 2020 Holiday Season. Talk to your favorite A Time to Treasure Travel agent to learn more!

Know your Key to the World Card

When you sail with Disney Cruise Line, you (and every member of your travel party) will be given a Key to the World Card. This serves as your personal ID and stateroom key, but it also offers some valuable information. Let’s take a look at everything else that’s there.

Not every guest’s card will have every item shown here. You’ll only have what’s applicable to you. For example, if it’s your first time cruising with Disney, you won’t have a Castaway Club Status. If you don’t have a Disney Visa or haven’t arranged Port Transportation (from and to the airport or a Disney Resort hotel), those items will be missing, too.

Psst! Having a Disney Visa will get you discounts on souvenirs. If you link your Disney Visa to your reservation for room charges, it will be noted on your card. Castmembers will readily see it and that’s good for you!

Most of these bits of information are self-explanatory. A few of them are very important to note.

Lifeboat Station : This is where you’ll have your muster drill on departure day. It is also where you’ll report in case of an emergency during your trip. The muster drill will provide more information and instructions about this before departing on your cruise.

Dining Rotation : Dining Time : Table Number for Main Dining : These are all important! Throughout the day you can eat whenever you want at any of the open dining venues. You can also enjoy room service. But if you want to participate in the Main Dining, you’ll want to pay attention to these details.

  • Dining Rotation tells you WHAT RESTAURANT.
  • Dining Time tells you WHEN your meal begins.
  • Table Number tells you WHERE you’ll be seated.

The Main Dining (evening meal) of each day is a really special time that you don’t want to miss! The restaurants are beautifully themed and your wait staff travels with you throughout the cruise. They’ll get to know you and your family’s preferences and make the experience truly top-notch.

What do the Dining Rotation letters mean? These correspond to the main restaurants on your ship. The codes listed on this card, for example, indicate that the guest will eat at Enchanted Garden the first night; at Royal Palace on the second night; then at Animator’s Palate the third night.

We know that the R stands for Royal Palace here, because the guest is sailing on the Disney Dream. On a different ship, that would mean something different … perhaps Royal Court or Rapunzel’s Royal Table … depending on what ship you’ve chosen to sail! 🙂

So — are you ready to sail? Talk with your travel agent today to become a Happy Disney Cruiser!



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Know your Key to the World Card
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