Park Hopping has returned to Walt Disney World! But, as with most things currently, there is a “new normal” when it comes to using this ticket option. Here’s what you need to know!

  • In order to visit more than one of the Walt Disney World theme parks per day, you’ll need to add the Park Hopper option to your ticket (Annual Passholders already have this ability included in their ticket).
  • Make a Disney Parks Pass reservation for the FIRST park you plan to visit that day. You do not need to make a park reservation for any theme park you plan on hopping to. IMPORTANT NOTE: You must scan in at the first park (the one you have a park pass reservation for) in order to be able to go to another park that day. If you don’t scan in with your park admission at the first park, you will be turned away at the other parks.
  • Currently, Park Hopping hours are 2:00pm until park closing time. Disney has said hours may begin earlier or later, depending on capacity, so be sure to check the Park Hours for any updates!
  • Though Park Hopping has returned, there are still capacity limits in place. If the park you are wanting to hop to is full, you will not be able to go there. At that point you can either wait to see if some space clears up later in the day, or choose another park to go to (again, as long as it has available capacity). Disney has created a phone number you can call to know the status of any of the 4 theme parks. Dial the Park Hopper Hotline number (407) 560-5000 at any time to find out if the park you want to hop to is at capacity or not.
  • Just as in the past, there is no limit on how many parks you can visit each day with the Park Hopper option! In fact, it’s possible for Guests to go to all 4 theme parks in one day, and even return to their first park of the day at any time (as long as capacity limits have not been reached!)

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Park Hopping at Walt Disney World in 2021

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