Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge is now fully open at Walt Disney World Resort! In addition to some inter-galactic rides and dining options from the planet Batuu, guests can also participate in some truly unique merchandise experiences. This is not just shopping — this is engaged creation! In fact, you’ll need a reservation to participate.

Reservations for both Savi’s Workshop and the Droid Depot are available 180 in advance. Talk with your A Time to Treasure Travel agent to secure these the same time you lock in your favorite dining reservations and other special experiences.

We tested the offerings on our most recent trip to WDW when I took my 7-year-old daughter to build a lightsaber and a droid. Here is what we experienced with both offerings.

Savi’s Workshop

Once you enter Galaxy’s Edge, you are on the planet Batuu. You may find it a little tricky to find your way around without traditional, Earth-style signage. Savi’s Workshop, however, is definitely more of challenge, because it is unmarked.

You see, as a part of the Resistance you can’t just plaster “BUILD A LIGHTSABER HERE” on the top of the outpost and expect all the Stormtroopers wandering around to stay out of your business. Did I mention Galaxy’s Edge is fully immersive? IT IS!

The entrance for Savi’s Workshop is to the left of the Droid Depot. There is a desk with an awning covering two computers. Out in front of those computers is a castmember wandering around with a tablet. You check in with that person first, then they will direct you to the table to finish the check-in process.

We arrived about 15 minutes early and we were told to come back to check in about 5 minutes before our scheduled time. They did direct us to the left of the table to look in a drawer system to pick out which of the four options you like best for the handle of your lightsaber.

With about 5 minutes before your scheduled time you will be ushered through a small gate to get ready to head in to the workshop. Once everyone has been checked in and gathered in the waiting area you are ushered inside the workshop.

My daughter was the youngest in attendance, and this is a VERY immersive experience. There is quite a bit of dialogue before you start building.

Once it is time to start assembling, one cast member will help 3-4 guests at once as your put your lightsabers together. Then before picking your crystal that determines what color light your lightsaber will emit, there is some explanation about what those colors mean and represent. Once everyone selects their crystals and you put those in your lightsaber, cast members come around and assist with inserting your handles into the spot on the workshop station where you attach your sheath. Once that has been completed for everyone, all new owners get to turn their lightsabers on and hold them in the air. As you leave the workshop you get a case that will protect the lightsaber as you venture outside the planet Batuu.

Droid Depot

Droid Depot is much more hands on and incredibly kid-friendly. When checking in here, there are two cast members with tablets at the end of the line leading to the register where you will gather your basket to get your parts to build your droid. You get to pick between BB and R series droids. You’ll be given a basket that shows what parts you need to obtain from a conveyor belt that is continuously running. Grab the parts off the belt then head to an open work station.

You also have the option of adding a personality chip to your droid. If you choose not to on this trip, you can purchase and add one later if you desire.

Once at your work station, a cast member will give some quick, helpful tips, then you are on your own to start building your droid. When you finish, you push a button indicating you area ready to activate your droid. A cast member will come over and help. Then you are ready to go give your droid for a spin outside. There is a mat they have set up across from the depot for this exact purpose! These droids are meant to interact with others around them, so there is quite a lot of noise and chatter over here.

How do I get these home?

If you are a practical thinker like me, your very first thought after these experiences will be: “How in the world am I supposed to fly home with these?” Luckily, I have that answer and personal experience to help you out!

Both items — lightsabers and droids — will be considered a carryon item when flying. Be prepared to make whatever arrangements and declarations necessary to show that you have carryon items, and they will store about your seat on the plane. They went through security for us with absolutely no problems.

Overall, I found both of these experiences totally worth the investment. I will say that Savi’s Workshop is more intense and Droid Depot is more laid back. The lightsaber is 36″ long and heavy once built so don’t let that surprise you. Make sure you make a stop over by The Millennium Falcon and get the cast member there to take your picture with your newly acquired souvenirs so you can add those shots to your Memory Maker!

Savi’s Workshop and Droid Depot

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