I love snacks – luckily I’m a runner! I especially love Disney snacks and frequently sport my Dole Whip baseball cap. My friend and fellow 4T agent, Ashleigh, got a Mickey ice cream bar baseball cap and donut Mickey ears on our Disney trip in February. For us, Disney snacks are SERIOUS.

Almost all of the travelers I work with include the Disney Dining Plan with their vacation package. This grants them both dining and snack credits. In addition to helping make Disney trips incredibly easy, the dining plan gives guests the gift of exploring the huge assortment of food and snacks available at all Disney parks, on-site hotels, and Disney Springs.

Top 5 DOs and DON’Ts for WDW Snacks

Our agents are here to help our guests master the dining plan through advanced planning and pure Disney savvy. To help you get started, here are my Top Five DOs and DON’Ts for maximizing every last snack credit!


1 : DO plan ahead and think about your favorite treats so you can keep an eye out each day.

I admit that I often plan my meals around my favorite Disney snacks – the siren’s call is real! I always include a “Best Bang for Your Buck” list of park snacks to help my clients get a good preview, too. I dare you to start looking up Disney snacks on Pinterest – it’s the best rabbit hole you’ll ever go down. My sister and I texted pins to each other for weeks before our trip last summer. It’s very hard to sit at your desk at work while looking at a Macaron Ice Cream Sandwich!

2 : DO note that quite a few snacks are large enough to share or enjoy as a small meal.

This includes Mickey pretzels (some are cream cheese and jalapeno cheese stuffed!), the Strawberry Nutella Waffle Sandwich or even sushi in Epcot.

3 : DO focus on the Disney-only and seasonal snacks – and remember those Instagram photo ops!

You won’t find a Peter Pan Float, LeFou’s Brew or brilliantly themed gourmet cupcakes outside of “The Most Magical Place on Earth!”

4 : DO be adventurous in Epcot and Animal Kingdom!

The choices in Epcot’s World Showcase, in particular, are stunning. We’re talking Werther’s Popcorn (Germany), just about anything from Norway’s Kringla Bakeri Og Kafe, sushi or the popular Kaki-Gori snowcones in Japan and the delicious Poutine in France. If you are lucky enough to be there during any of the three annual festivals in Epcot (International Food and Wine, Festival of the Arts and the Flower & Garden Festival) your choices are even more diverse! Get out there and snack around the world!

5 : DO take advantage of mobile-order on your MyDisneyExperience app!

There are quite a few snacks (hello again Dole Whip at Aloha Isle and Bacon Macaroni & Cheese Fries at Casey’s Corner) that you can mobile-order to save you valuable time!

DEFINITELY DON’T (seriously, please don’t):

1 : DON’T waste snack credits on bottled water or soft drinks.

Bring a water bottle into the park with you and save your soft drinks for your meals when they are included.

2 : DON’T use a snack credit on anything that costs less than $5.

There are numerous snack options that run well above that amount so maximize to ultimately save money! It’s always a good idea to double check if the item is indeed a snack credit – don’t be afraid to ask!

3 : DON’T go home with a single dining credit!

If for some reason you have a few left when you’re checking out head to a resort or Disney Springs gift shop and get exclusive snacks and candy to take home. These are also great gifts for your pet or house sitter!

4 : DON’T just grab a snack while rushing to the next ride.

Take a little time to sit down, take a break and enjoy it. It’s also no fun when your Mickey Bar melts all over you while you speed walk, wasting both the ice cream and your now sticky shirt! Trust me.

5 : DON’T forget your snack credits aren’t limited to the parks!

You can also use them at your resort (hello Mickey Beignets at Port Orleans Riverside!), Disney Springs (Create Your Own Mickey Rice Krispy Treat) and along the Disney Boardwalk.

There you go! Take your new snack skills and conquer Walt Disney World Resort – don’t forget to post your pictures on Facebook and Instagram!

This is my daughter Evie with her second ice cream of the day in front of Cinderella’s Castle. The sugar rush was worth it!

Talk to your favorite A Time to Treasure Travel agent for more tips and personal recommendations.

Post by Lauren Land.

Snacking Around Walt Disney World

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