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I often have people asking me how we survive traveling to Walt Disney World in August, which is when we always go. For various reasons, school, work…it really is the only option we have. Yes, it’s HOTTER than the surface of the sun most of the time! šŸ™‚

Channel your inner Olaf!

But, with some strategic planning and accessories, it can still be a very enjoyable vacation.

Beat the summer heat with these tips!

1 : Get to Rope Drop.
I hear you, you want to sleep in on your vacation, but getting to the parks early at opening, or even Extra Magic Hour opening even better is really one of the best ways of beating the heat. The coolest part of the day, relative to the heat of Florida in the summer, of course, is before noon. Which leads right to the next tip.

2 : Schedule a midday break.
If it’s a short trip it might be difficult to schedule downtime, but a midday pool break will save your sanity and hopefully prevent those kid meltdowns when they’ve just been pushed too far. Doesn’t matter how hot it is, being in the water or under an umbrella with an icy drink will keep you cool.

3 : Be strategic with FP and Queue Planning.
Choose the longest queues that are outdoor for your Fastpasses in the afternoons. Become familiar with the queues as many are inside and haveĀ A/C or even outdoor ones have fans and are shaded. It helps…a LOT!Ā Outdoor ones that are kept fairly cool include Rock n Rollercoaster, Tower of Terror, Big Thunder Mountain, Splash Mountain, and Expedition Everest. Inside queues where you might enjoy a slight wait to cool off include Test Track, Soarin’, Space Mountain, Toy Story Mania and Dinosaur. Of course, our expert travel agents can help with this, too! Questions? Ask your booking agent.

4 : Plan those WET attractions.
There are ridesĀ on which YOU WILL GET WET in most of the parks. Plan those for the afternoon, noon – 4 pm. It’s amazing how even a little bit of water can make a difference, and you’ll dry quickly. Kali River Rapids (in Disney’s Animal Kingdom) will get you soaked. Splash Mountain and even a little splash on Pirates of the Caribbean is possible (both in Disney’s Magic Kingdom).

5 : Try the Water Parks
If you have any interest in the water parks, summer is the time to explore those. If you have a long enough trip 1-2 afternoons at the water parks is a great way to stay cool.

6 : Bring cool Accessories.
Cooling towels like Frog Toggs or iCool Towel will keep you cool and misting fans can be bought in advance from Walmart for less than the ones they sell in the parks. Or check out this cool Mickey one on Amazon.

7 : Be choosy with Showtimes.
Shows such as Mickey’s Philharmagic, Turtle Talk with Crush, Finding Nemo the Musical, It’s Tough to be a Bug, Indiana Jones (although outdoor it’s covered and there are fans) are another great way to cool down and rest. Mingle them into your schedule.

8 : Use Disney transportation.
Nothing is worse than getting into a hot car that has been baking in the Florida sun for hours. The air-conditioned monorails, buses, and boats are all free and cool ways to get from A to B. Or, for a flat-rate of $25, you can request a Minnie Van for cool and comfortable transportation.


Disney actually did a very good job of creating waiting areas and queues to ensure the least amount of time out in the heat and sun.

Don’t forget your sunscreen and sunglasses!

With a little bit of strategic planning (which you’ll freely receive when you book your trip through our agency!), you can prevent melting in the hot Florida summer sun.

8 Ways to Stay Cool at Walt Disney World
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