Have you ever considered giving an experience rather than a gift?

I’ve got 5 GREAT REASONS to gift a trip!

I know, I know, your child is turning 7 and he is dying for the newest Lego set–even though he already has enough Legos to fill 8 large plastic tubs—and even though your dog has eaten (and deposited in the yard) enough Legos to build a small city. And maybe you don’t even bother to pick up stray Legos when you vacuum, but rather think: “That’s 6 less that I have to pick up!”

Just me?
I don’t think so.

My family is really busy. We have at least two activities every night of the week. So, this past Christmas, instead of giving the kids gifts, we took them on a trip to Universal Orlando Resort and Walt Disney World.

But guess what? We didn’t go at Christmas—we went the week after Thanksgiving. You better believe when I got those Magic Bands in the mail, I wrapped them in Christmas paper and let the kids open a gift early. We made lots of memories and spent lots of time together. Merry Christmas, McLemore family!

It’s the way to go when it comes to gift giving! Here are the top 5 reasons why.

1. Memories last longer than things.

Long after you are gone, your kids (and grandkids) will always look back on that time you took them to Disney for Christmas, or Universal for his birthday, or on a cruise with 3 generations of the family.

BONUS: You can re-live them! Travel turns people into storytellers and every re-telling allows you all to experience it again and again.

2. You can’t outgrow (or lose, or break) an experience you’ve had with your family.

No rust, decay, broken plastic, dead batteries, or boredom in sight!

3. You don’t have to find a place to store it in your house.

Maybe a photo album or digital frame, but we all have space for those! And they won’t endanger your feet or your vacuum in the keeping.

4. You don’t have to battle the mall.

No shopping center parking fiascos or holiday traffic. You don’t even have to go online or look through a million options and variations! Just call your favorite travel agent and let him or her do the rest. EASY-PEASY!

5. Your kids won’t fight over it!

Let’s be real — This is the greatest reason EVER.

A lot of vacation destinations cater to celebrations. Many offer special opportunities or treats—cake, balloons, decorations in your resort room, and more!

My husband and I recently took a trip to an all inclusive resort to celebrate our 15th Anniversary. After dinner, we found a surprise in our room—champagne, a special dessert, and a message spelled out in flowers and palm leaves on our bed!

When traveling near my birthday, special desserts would magically appear in my room. I’ve had several parents plan trips to Disney World for their child’s birthday. What better place to celebrate than the happiest place on earth? 🙂 Lots of resorts love to help you celebrate—sometimes at no charge!

Always let your travel agent know what you’re celebrating. You never know what extras may be available to you — or offered as a surprise when you get there!

So, next time you’re picking up toys with small pieces or wishing your teenager would engage with the family rather than her phone … think about giving an experience rather than a gift for the next big occasion—and let’s get planning!


Post by Sue McLemore

Top 5 Reasons to Gift a TRIP for Holidays, Birthdays, and other Occasions

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