Disney has been a part of travel agent Katrina Harris’s life from the beginning. She grew up near Orlando, Florida, and when Walt Disney World opened on October 1, 1971 – it wasn’t actually the FIRST time visitors were in the park. Disney had employees bring their friends and family to the Magic Kingdom to do a test run in September of 1971 – and Katrina and her family were there as Katrina’s uncle John began his career with Disney as a popcorn vendor on Main Street!

With those auspicious beginnings, Disney has always been a part of Katrina’s life.

She has been to the parks hundreds of times – and continues to make trips 3 -4 times each year – so navigating Disney has never been easier with Katrina’s guidance.

Katrina, her husband Michael, and two teenage daughters live in the Atlanta suburbs.  Katrina has been a travel specialist with A Time to Treasure since 2011.

Contact Katrina for information or a quote on any Disney destination or Royal Caribbean Cruise.

Katrina Harris

Certifications and Specialized Training:

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Katrina Harris