I’m a lawyer and born and raised in Louisiana, but I’ve always had family in the Orlando area. Ever since I was a child we would make multiple trips to the Walt Disney World Resort, and it is something that I have continued to this day as an adult! I grew up loving Disney movies, games, soundtracks, and especially the theme parks.

My favorite park is Disney’s Hollywood Studios. My favorite ride is Twilight Zone Tower of Terror!

As I grew older I began reading more about the history of the parks and Walt Disney himself. I became interested in other aspects of the Walt Disney World Resort, like restaurants, bars, holiday festivities and festivals, to such a point that it started to become more than a hobby!  Even though I don’t have children, I believe that Disney does not have an age limit. I can attest that there is so much to do as adults, from great bars to amazing dining experiences.

I started becoming so active on Instagram, posting photographs, tips and reviews of my trips to Walt Disney World Resort, that my friends and followers started to take notice. In 2020 I was approached by a friend attempting to plan a trip for her family to Walt Disney World Resort. She asked me for some help and any tips or advice I had to help her get the most out of her vacation. I realized that I was not only helping my friend and her family get to experience something I loved, but I also had a lot of fun helping her plan!

I look forward to helping your family get the most of your trip and have a magical experience!

Ryan Goodwin

Ryan Goodwin