The original animated Beauty and the Beast came out in theaters in 1991. Since then I always wanted to visit the ballroom and see the Beast’s castle. I always imagined how gorgeous it would be in person. I also wanted my furniture to come to life, but now that just sounds creepy.

But — some dreams still do come true! Be Our Guest restaurant at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom invites guests into Beast’s Castle for a special meal. It’s totally unique and totally magical — which is why this continues to be on many families’ “must do list.”

From the second you check in with the host or hostess, you are transported to someplace that’s a little bit quieter, a little bit softer, and a little bit more magical!  The magic starts even before dinner is served!

After checking in, the front host staff will send you a text message when your table is ready. You make your way down to the gate right in front of the dining hall doors. The host will then come out and call your family in to start your dining experience.

And don’t forget that there’s plenty opportunities to take some really gorgeous photos while you wait.

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Inside Beast’s Castle

When you first walk through those gorgeous double doors, there are two gargoyles that hold up the castle.  A wonderful cast member told me a secret – Those statues are named Bruce and Craig!!!

Is this Bruce or Craig?  I can never tell them apart!

You will be seated in one of three rooms. The iconic ballroom is even more stunning than I imagined! The dark and mysterious West Wing offers expected details from the movie. The Castle Gallery presents an upbeat, royal vibe.

In the Grand ball room, there are stunning chandeliers, a picturesque window where it appears to be snowing outside and everything that you can imagine the scene from the movie.

The West Wing has the enchanted Rose under glass, and the beast portrait. Have your video camera ready because it does change!


In the Castle Gallery, there are stunning pieces of artwork that line the walls along with a 7-foot-tall dancing statue! This room is not always open, so it’s a special treat if you’re able to get it.

Dining at Be Our Guest

Be Our Guest is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  You can make a reservation for any meal from your My Disney Experience app 180 days in advance of your vacation!

Breakfast Menu:

Lunch Menu:

Dinner reservations do take two dining credits on the Disney dining plan because it is now considered a signature restaurant.
Dinner Menu:

If you are not on the dining plan, be prepared to spend upwards of $75 per person for your meal.

It’s the grey stuff….and it’s delicious!

After dinner, don’t forget to wander over into the Beast’s library where he is available to take pictures.  There’s a photo pass photographer station there, and it’s an excellent character interaction!

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Is Be Our Guest dining at this unique themed restaurant on your list of things that you MUST DO?  If so, contact one of our travel agents today to help secure your Walt Disney World vacation package and dining experience!

Post by Jenny Matthews

Be Our Guest Restaurant Experience

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