by Tammy Ewert

We recently returned from a marvelous week long vacation with family and close friends on the Disney Fantasy.  From the second we stepped onto the ship until the sad moment when we waved goodbye, we made memories that will last a lifetime. We were among the last ones to leave the ship, and we even offered to stay!

I am often asked the question, “Is cruising Disney worth the cost?”

I always answer with a resounding, “YES!!”

Now let me tell you why.

Top 10 Reasons You Should Book a Disney Cruise


#10 – The Cast Members

They are simply amazing; no other word adequately describes them. They truly pamper you. They delight in sharing their stories with you of their families back home in countries all over the world.  The magical moments that our family has experienced due to the kindness and professionalism add so much joy and depth to our vacations. They will do the same for you.

#9 – Rotational Dining

Disney’s unique dining experience includes your own personal servers traveling with you to a differently themed restaurant each evening for an unforgettable meal. Your serving team takes the time to know you and the things you like. The service is unparalleled. I was sold when they first poured my child’s ketchup  and cut his meat! 

As a bonus, the food on the ship is unique, diverse, and delicious!  I love not having to cook, plan, or think about meals.

In addition, we order complimentary room service every night because — What is better than a Mickey Mouse Ice Cream bar as a night cap?


#8 – Broadway-caliber Entertainment

The entertainment on board is stellar and Broadway quality!  We leave the shows each evening with pure Disney joy in our hearts and, yes, I have happy tears in my eyes!  The shows also always focus on themes that touch our hearts and point us to what is really important.

#7 – Disney Cruise Line has something for everyone – at all times! 

As a mom of three children with a 10-year age span, I don’t love hearing the dreaded, “I am bored” — especially on vacation. From first-run movies, art lessons, spa experiences, towel-folding classes, bingo, health and fitness training … to family and adult-oriented game shows, there is more to choose from than you can accomplish in a week! I just left, and I have a list of things I wasn’t able to do in the week that I was there. I must go back as soon as possible.

My children even circled really big on my “Daily Navigator” (Disney’s daily ship activity guide) a class on “cooking instruction”. I am not sure why they would want me to do that! 🙂


#6 – Safety

I feel secure traveling with Disney because of their commitment to excellence.  Their ships are pristine, and they constantly clean and update the ship. In the unlikely event that I do have an issue, I feel confident that I will be listened to and that Disney will work tirelessly to resolve it.

#5 – Kids’ Clubs

I have to pull my kids out of the kids’ clubs — they don’t want to leave! Disney Cruises offer something for every age; my kids are enjoying the experience as much as I am. From arts and crafts, to top-notch technology, to pajama parties with the characters, and special character interaction, there truly is always something for every child or teen.


#4 – Customized Vacations and One-on-One Time with Each Family Member

I love being able to spend time with each of my children, spouse, and friends independently knowing that the rest of my family is enjoying other aspects of their vacation.  

Each time we cruise, I choose some activities that are special to my children individually. This year, I watched Cars 3 with my youngest son for FREE (Disney has first-run movies onboard), I visited the spa with my 16-year-old daughter, and my 21-year-old and I experienced Palo (Disney’s adult-themed restaurant) together.  He says this was a highlight of all of his cruises!


Then, there are are countless adult-themed activities – including comedy, piano bar, magic shows, game shows, spa experiences, etc. to share with my husband and friends while on board! 

#3 – Completely Unplugged

I talk to my children without their phones!  This is truly the only place where we can completely unplug.  My children even liked it! 🙂 As we left, they commented they enjoyed not having to carry their phones with them.

While we unplug from the world, we stay plugged in to each other. Disney Cruises offer Wave Phones with each stateroom. These two-way radios allow families to stay in touch with each other while off doing their independent activities.

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#2 – Castaway Cay  

Most of Disney’s Caribbean and Bahamian cruise itineraries include a stop at Disney’s own private island.There is no place more beautiful and in every way perfect than Castaway Cay! 

It features the most beautiful beach, an incredible barbecue spread, fresh fruit, ice cream, soft drinks, and so much more!  Also, your Kid’s Club staff comes there as well and plays games with the children. Our children love this!  Families can enjoy water slides, splash parks, walking trails, beach volleyball and so much more. Adults can head to Serenity Bay, the section of the island reserved exclusively for adults. And all this is INCLUDED in your cruise price.

When people look at all of the inclusions with Disney, they often see that the price is closer to other lines that don’t offer near the quality or experience.


#1 – No one tells a story better than Disney.

This gift makes a tangible impact on my vacation. When spending precious special time and hard-earned dollars on a vacation, I want to feel like I am gaining something valuable from the experience. I want to know my investment is worth it. I feel that with Disney. When our family walks off the ship, we walk off feeling closer and having shared some memories that we will truly always cherish. I can’t help but believe that this is a value of those who design and create the activities on the Disney ships. It certainly makes an impact. That quality means the world to me, and I want to help others share that experience as well!

So, what are YOU waiting for? 

Please contact A Time To Treasure Travel today!!  We can help design an experience for you that will help you experience the Disney cruise in the way that you imagine! 

People often ask WHY use a travel professional when we can book online ourselves?  Here is why – we at A Time To Treasure can help you. There is much to consider in booking as far as location of your stateroom, choice of dining time, excursions, etc. The booking price is always the same as online, and we can even occasionally SAVE you money due to our experience with booking and vast knowledge of Disney Cruise Line. This experience can make a difference for YOU and, as always … there is never a fee for our magical service.

Top 10 Reasons to Invest More in a Disney Cruise
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