Depending on who you talk to, the hottest virtual queue at Walt Disney World right now isn’t for an attraction … It’s for COOKIES!!

Gideon’s Bakehouse at Disney Springs

Gideon’s Bakehouse serves up decadent cookies and cakes! You can find it at The Landing in Disney Springs. They offer standby as long as they can each day, but you should be prepared to join the Virtual Queue.

Due to their popularity, Gideon’s uses a Virtual Queue system. On a recent trip, I joined the virtual queue just before 1pm on a Saturday, and my wait time was 280 minutes.

Look for the “Join Our Virtual Queue” sign near the bridge next to Morimoto Asia. The “Return Here For Our Virtual Queue” sign is between Morimoto Asia and Wine Bar George.

When I received a text alerting me it was time to check-in, my actual wait to get into the shop was about 40 minutes. So 320 minutes in all — but it was worth the wait!

The menu changes monthly, so be sure to ask for one to see what your cookie choices will be. Each cookie weighs 1/2 POUND!

I’m not sure how much each cake slice weighs but they’re billed as “enormous” — and that, they are!

Will you be heading to Gideon’s Bakehouse on your next visit to Disney Springs?

Get your sweet tooth ready for Gideon’s Bakehouse!
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